Probus Club of Llandudno Constitution


The Club shall be known as the



The purpose of the Club is:
  1. to advance a widening circle of friendship,
  2. to provide a place for Members to meet on a regular basis.


  1. Membership is open to Professional and Business ladies and gentlemen who are fully or partly retired from full-time employment and resident in Llandudno or the surrounding area.
  2. An applicant for membership shall be introduced by an existing Member and his/he application approved by the Committee. He/she should normally attend 2 meetings as the guest of their sponsor (this may be waived in some cases, e.g. a member transferring from another Probus Club).
  3. Members shall determine and vote on the maximum number of Members.
  4. Membership shall cease if subscriptions are six months in arrears or on written notice of resignation.
  5. New Members shall pay an initial subscription pro-rata to the unexpired period of the financial year in which membership begins.


  1. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 other Members elected at an Annual General Meeting. A Press Secretary shall be appointed from within, or co-opted to the Committee.
  2. In the absence of a Speaker-Finder, Speakers will be found by Members as determined by the Committee.
  3. The Chair shall retire from Office on completion of one year in the Chair. He/she shall then become an ex-officio Member of the Committee for the following year, but may be re-elected.
  4. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall preside, or, in the absence of the Vice-Chair, a previous Chair. 
  5. Before the Annual General Meeting the Committee must prepare a list of Members who have agreed to serve on the Committee for the year following. Serving Officers whose normal terms are for more than one year need not seek re-election.

    With the object of giving as many members as possible to serve the Club as Officers or Committee Members:

    1. Ordinary Committee Members may not normally serve for more than three consecutive years but they shall at any time be eligible to serve as Officers of the Club;
    2. The Secretary and Treasurer shall normally serve for 2 years; this term may be extended subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting.
  6. The Secretary and Treasurer shall normally serve for 2 years but this term may be extended subject to the Annual Meeting's approval.
  7. Four Committee Members shall constitute a Quorum.
  8. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional or replacement Committee Members and to appoint sub-committees, and to appoint additional officers as deemed necessary to carry out the operations of the club.
  9. The Club shall be non-political, non-sectarian, non-racial and (save by the vote of Members in specific cases) not involve itself in charity work. But the Committee shall have discretion to make modest donations to charity


  1. The Club shall normally meet for luncheon on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 12.30 p.m. (for 1.00 p.m.), each Member paying for the luncheon during the meal or as pre­determined by the Committee.
  2. SAVE IN EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES A MEMBER WHO IS UNABLE TO ATTEND THE MONTHLY LUNCHEON MUST GIVE THE SECRETARY AT LEAST 24 HOURS NOTICE. Should a Member fail to inform the Secretary to this effect the Club will reserve the right to recover from the Member the full charge for that luncheon and/or any other costs incurred on their behalf. Members are asked not to use the mail service or leave messages on answering machines but contact personally or by telephone the Secretary or failing that, another Officer.
  3. The Secretary must be given at least four days notice of the attendance of a Member's personal guests.
  4. The December meeting each year shall be the Annual Christmas Luncheon to which guests representing other Clubs may be invited to attend in their official capacity. All other guests will be expected to meet their own luncheon costs. 
  5. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year at a time and place determined by the Committee. At least 7 days clear notice of the meeting shall be given to members.
     The primary purpose of the Annual General Meeting is:
    1. To receive the Secretary's Report for the preceding year.
    2. To receive the Treasurer's Report and the Audited Accounts.
    3. To receive the Auditors' Report
    4. To adopt the Accounts.
    5. To elect new Committee Members and Club Officers.
    6. To elect the Auditors for the coming year.
    7. To agree the subscription for the coming year.
    8. To hear the views of Members.
  6. Special General Meetings may be called at the written request of at least one third of the Members or by the Committee. For such meetings Members shall be given at least 7 clear days notice.
  7. Voting at all meetings shall be by show of hands, or by ballot if so determined; in the event of an equal division of votes, the Chairman, or Acting-Chairman, shall have a second vote.


The annual subscription fee shall be determined by the Members at the Annual General Meeting, having regard to the Treasurer's proposal.


  1. At the Annual General Meeting, the Treasurer shall submit for approval by the Members, a Receipts and Expenditure Account & Balance Sheet for the Previous Club Year, audited by the appointed Auditors.
  2. The Club Year shall run from January 1st to December 31st.
  3. Cheques shall be signed by any two of the following signing together: ­the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer


Any contingency that is not covered by these Rules shall be decided upon by the Committee and if necessary confirmed by Members at the next Club meeting.


Alteration to the Rules and Constitution of the Club shall be made only at an Annual General Meeting, or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose Written notice of any proposal for changes to the rules and constitution of the Club must be given to the Members at least one month before the meeting at which such changes are to be discussed and adopted.

December 2016

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